Step 1 – Capture your ideas!

Step 2 – Manage your time, wisely!

Step 3 – Keep good notes!

Step 4 – Learn to solve problems!

Great ideas often appear at the most unlikely times. Seems inevitable while driving. Whether driving to or from work or the lawn tractor, great ideas seem to surface. After experiencing a traumatic episode of challenges at work or life, once we depart from the strenuous situations, our thoughts eventually slowdown from the speed of text messages, emails and computer programs.

How many times have we driven to work only to arrive without realizing there were redlights, turn signals or stop signs that we don’t remember approaching let alone obeying? Scary, isn’t it? Was I focused on the task at hand or was my mind somewhere other than where it should have been?

The other option that often happens to us is that ideas, often world changing ideas, come to mind, only to exit as soon as they enter the brain. Here are just 4 of the many steps to help each of us make each day a masterpiece.

Step 1 – be a collector of good ideas. Learn to journal your thoughts, ideas and experiences. Now that you have this library of good ideas, one can access the thoughts of today or the past years of ideas we have had for our careers, relationships and use them to form the future.

Step 2 – manage your time, wisely!  How many times have you heard someone say “where did the time go?” Seems like the world is often working off of a schedule, and it’s not always our schedule. Often, it is someone else’s schedule that changes our own. If hurry is your nickname, you probably have chosen it. You have the power to determine it, choose wisely.

Step 3 – Learn to be a note taker! We often prefer to commit information to memory. Guess how that works out for us? Not very well. Memorizing songs or poems is easy. Its repetitive. Write your thoughts down on paper. Don’t rely on the old memory bank. The idea one forgets may just be the idea that saves the day.

Step 4 – Learn to solve problems! How many problems are in a day? Let’s see! 7 days in a week. 24 hours in a day. 1440 minutes in a day. 86,400 seconds in a day. We make hundreds if not thousands of decisions each day. Some decisions solve problems while other decisions create problems.

            Learn to collect your ideas, manage your time, take good notes, solve problems and the road to success will begin.

Today, our world is full of standards, rules and procedures which are highly needed to help us succeed in working safely.  But what is often overlooked is our own behaviors in working safely.   Whether at home or work or on the sports field, by shaping our behaviors, we can significantly influence our safety culture.  Everyone wants to return home safely.  No one wants to see someone else get hurt.  Caz’s workshop on Shaping our Safety Culture, speaks to the heart about shaping our own behaviors.  Do I look out for the other person?   Do I care about how a fellow co-worker completes his work task safely?  Do I present a coaching attitude?  How well do I accept feedback?  These topics and many more are discussed in a general forum type of workshop.  The people doing the jobs have the answers to working safely.  Let’s listen to them.